Month: October 2018

I are actually waiting to determine Roxette live for over 15 years, and yesterday evening I have finally lived my dream. And boy such a night it absolutely was. I got my tickets purchased in November, paid a large amount of, because they where front seats, but it absolutely was worth every penny spent. No need to state that I have reached there early (annoying my dear wife a tad), but I didn’t want to miss one thing. OK enough about me, we should get to real story and actor’s with the night.

The show started using the Swedish group Eskobar, I was a lttle bit put off as initially, because the O2 Arena was almost half-empty. They tried their finest to get some attention from your public for a lot more than half an hour. The only Eskobar tune that draw my attention was “It’s an excellent day to die”, however for me and all sorts of others It was every night to live. So after 30 min of Eskobar, the O2 was finally refill, plus a magic evening only agreed to be about to start.

The gig started with ‘Sleeping during my Car’, the group was already on his or her feet, I never really liked that song, but that’s just a personal opinion. It was accompanied by ‘The Big L’ as well as the clapping and singing was getting better and much better. “Stars” was next, on these one not every crowd perceived to know the lyrics, but they also kept on going together with the band. Then at ‘Spending my time’ it felt like normally takes O2 Arena roof off when Marie allow public leading towards song. ‘Crash!Boom! Bang!’ was a little of a surprise as it absolutely was introduced by Per, with Marie joining afterwards, personally that will be a Marie song, no offence Per. ‘Crush on you’ got and a better reception then I was expecting. I like the song don’t get me wrong, but I always believed it could do better from the charts. The newest song performed ‘She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)’ was another concert success story.

‘The heart shaped sea’ was designed by Per, as he was joking with Magnus on one another favorite Roxette album. Per asserted Magnuss favorite album was ‘Have a good day’, Magnuss denied praoclaiming that his favorite is ‘Balladas en Espanol’. A special mention for Dea, youngest member who did an admirable job helping Marie when she needed, and in addition put an excellent piano performance on ‘Water Colours from the Rain’. I was busy clapping, singing, photo-shooting and becoming anxious while anticipating ‘Joyride’.

I are yet to read the program prior to a show, so I had no idea with the schedule. While expecting Joyride, I continue to wonder, why “The look” was missing. No need to mention that every one of these time there is not a single soul seating down. Sorry, i want to get back for the show, as it turned out time for ‘Fading just like a flower’, the singing from each side was improved and better. The one who was going to acquire the best reception was “How can you do”, it felt like it turned out a clapping contest through entire duration in the song. The ‘Pretty Woman’ lead song “It must have already been love” was designed by Per, nevertheless it need no introduction whatsoever. ‘Dressed for success’ taught me to be wonder about Per’s real age, as they was running everywhere over the stage, as you could see on his face he was experiencing and enjoying the public contribution to your show. Marie also looked pleased, and she or he did reward us with the amazing performance. By the time that ‘Dangerous’ kicked I already commenced to wish the night wouldn’t end. Suddenly it turned out time for that great ‘Joyride’, buy then I is already giving up on my camera, and continue to use the best out my phone for recording. And that perceived to be the conclusion, but I knew that I want to discover a bit more, so I have joined other and start yelling “ROXETTE”, as loud as I could after an hour of singing. After short while my favorite band was back on stage.

‘Listen to Your Heart’ using a very long goodbye from Marie, (she looked gorgeous in white incidentally) appeared to be the tip, but no I was yet again proved wrong, as ‘The Look’, was this would end the show along with the night, as it absolutely was sung about the tube stairs by one in the London amateurs singers. A London evening that can always remain inside my heart.

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