David Michael Miller

Same Soil is David Michael Miller’s second solo album as well as the follow up to last year’s Poisons Sipped. The sound should be described as “modern traditional.” With it’s combination of blues, gospel, and soul influences, Same Soil can be a celebration of traditional roots styles. The album opens with all the acoustic guitar driven riff of “All the Blues to You,” which lays the inspiration for the entire album of soulful songs with relatable themes. There is always enough familiarity to help you feel at home and enough twists to help keep you interested but this can be Same Soil’s second major strength. The first is David Michael Miller’s voice. This man features a command on the human voice that few can match. Dynamically he’s always upon the mark without ever sounding like he’s displaying. Every line may seem to roll off his tongue with total and finished ease. From the highest, most intense passages individuals that are barely spoken; each melodic figure and lyric ooze soul.

David explores songs inspired by Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, and Bo Diddley amongst others. The main riff from the down and dirty “Doing Me In, Doing Me Wrong” references’ “Manish Boy” but has a more modern turn that may make Muddy proud. “Got Them Blues” can be an up tempo gospel blues jam by using more than a nod to Robert Randolph. “Friend of Mine” can be a soulful blues ballad with sax and guitar work that happen to be reminiscent of early Tom Waits. When David’s voice comes in with all the soul and savvy of Robert Cray as well as a hint of Al Green, the goosebumps really start. He draws on many influences and fashions, though sounds very natural and also earthy. This may appear to be hyperbole but every track on Same Soil is often a total winner. This is among those rare albums the place you aren’t skipping around trying to find the good songs. “Just Ride” is extremely good blues rocker. “Shoes To Shine” is dynamite funk/soul number with surprising chord changes as well as a great solo section using the sax and guitar trading fours.

No article on Same Soil could well be complete point out the band personally selected by David to get the songs one’s including keyboardist Jim Ehinger (Bonnie, Raitt, Albert Collins, Billy Vera and The Beaters), saxophonist Jason Moynihan (Buddy Guy) and drummer Carlton Campbell (of The Campbell Brothers). Everyone is giving completely but we’re not “over blowing”, They all play to perfectly serve the songs, David’s voice along with the rootsy production.

David Michael Miller has got the potential to go anywhere and turn into anything with this business that they wants. He could be easily the next great blues super star ala Robert Cray or Bonnie Raitt. In the mean time we could all groove to Same Soil in the end see the future holds.

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