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List of Quotes that Will Surely Motivate Lit Lovers

No bachelor of arts degree student hasn’t heard about people questioning the future of this kind of course. This is the main reason why some bachelor of arts degree students start to have doubts in what they have chosen. This needs the students to be motivated and continue studying this kind of major. Consider the list below that include some of the most popular quotes that you should look for whenever you are having doubts about your current English major.

Motivational Quotations for English Majors

Through this quote, we will solve our issue about writer’s block or some kind of huge puzzle in writing that we can’t crack.

1.Stephen Ambrose’s Marry an English Major to become a Successful Writer

This is true, especially for students who haven’t acknowledged their potential in writing yet.

2. Understanding You’re Crap and Understanding Your Crap aren’t the Same

Don’t be disappointed by people calling you as a strict grammarian since correction is the patterns and structure of the sentences enable the language to keep on living.

3. Benjamin Franklin Mentioned it’s Either to Do Something Worth Writing or Write Something Worth Reading

This quote simply means that despite of your imperfections, life must go on.

4. The Possibility of Writing Anything Through Writing by C.S. Lewis

Nobody limits us on what to write and there are vast ideas, things, and situations where you can make use of your creativity. You will soon notice how better it is to try out things.

Aside from that, William Drummond also compared books to brass, iron, and marble as it is the frailest and tenderest matter. For Isaac Barrow, reading of books is like talking to the most intelligent man of a country. The bachelor of arts degree students might also read what John Hill Burton, Octavia E. Butler, and John Green wrote that has something beneficial about their major.

Do Not Give Up on Your major

The fact is, even though we are trying our best to ignore people who doesn’t have something good to say about the bachelor of arts degree major that we have, we are still not safe from this totally since these people would usually come at an unexpected places. To stay positive in this situation, you have to inspire yourself with these quotes so that no matter what happens, you will not give up studying bachelor of arts degree. If you want to be motivated continuously, why don’t you keep on viewing this page for more updates.

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