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How to Prevent Electrical Fires by Hiring Electricians

Rarely do you concentrate on the dangers that you are likely to encounter in your home apart from the ones which can be detected by your security system or dogs, an example of these hidden dangers is electrical fires. There are more than 51000 electrical fires experienced in homes every year and this leads to the death of close to 500 people and damage of property worth more than 1.4M dollars . Despite the magnitude of danger caused by the electrical fires, the good news is that they can be prevented.

This article will help understand the main roots of electrical fires and what can be done to prevent them. One of the major roots of electrical fires is old wiring, electrical codes are quite difference hence require constant renewal. Old wiring also cannot support many appliances connected to it, this will overload the system. The other cause of electrical fires is faulty wiring, this can be encountered when you encounter trips on your circuit breaker whenever connect your microwave and toaster at the same time. Another major cause of electrical fires is faulty appliances which have been recorded that over the past 7 years they have been the reasons behind the fires in houses. Ensure that your appliances are connected to circuits that are not overloaded and also you can use ground-fault circuit indicator outlet whose purpose is to recognize any loss of balance between the incoming and outgoing currents. You can also take the maintenance agreement receipts when purchasing an electrical appliance, this will make the dealers conduct annual inspection in your home.

The other reason for electrical wires is cheap extension cords as well as misuse of the cords, you should not connect appliances to the extension cords. Another cause of fires is the space heater which according to the National Fire protection agency covers up to 43% of fires in homes, the space heaters are used to heat your homes, however, when it is close to something flammable, it causes fire. Space heater causes a fire when the power is sourced from an extension cord.

The other cause is arcs, which occur when an outlet is not properly installed or when an electric current gets off its path. When you want to connect your lighting system, check the intensity of the bulb before installing and ensure that you do not install the lamp if the intensity is too much, that is way above the normal required intensity.

You can manage electrical fire by using a fire extinguisher with an A-B-C rating, never use water to put off the fire. The most effective way to prevent these fires is hiring an electrician.

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